Thinking Inside the Bento box: Fake Food Ideas

What’s your favorite Japanese food? Fried rice did you say? Hmm, yes. The one I see out there, behind the glass window. I want that very plate. Maybe a bento box will do.

But that isn’t real. You can’t eat it.


You have to order for the real stuff. The real deal is that the original costs less. Unless you are hell bent on spending big yen.

Well, you need not take a trip to Shanghai anymore to rub the laughing Buddha’s belly for good luck. Or travel to Kappabashi to get those fake ramen noodles that you so love that you want to give them a pride of place in your office desk. Or maybe to get even with that evil colleague of yours who is a foodie of sorts? Try out this site for food props where you can order almost any food of your choice, only the fake version of it.

While Kappabashi offers the tourist more than just a plateful of faux food, it is still the go to market for the restaurant businesses where you can get everything from the napkin to the pots and pans that go into the kitchen?

There’s a whole industry in Japan focused in serving the restaurant business through their faux food models. From curried rice that sticks together in a show of harmonious existence to cheese burst pizza, these artists will have you believe, you can eat them right out of the plastic cellophane covers that encase them to keep these exhibits away from dust. Food, so real, yet only fake. You can only marvel at the ingenuity of thought of its inventor.

Those partitioned food boxes that hold food items in single portions named bento boxes makes it easier for busy professionals and school going kids to eat enough of healthy food to keep them going. There’s many a bento box serving restaurants opening in many corners of the world, not just the orient. These firms like their counterparts also display the bento content using fake food items.

Packing a bento box for the kid involves much thinking ahead, but ordering a faux food bento may not involve as much head breaking though creating it might. One can get creative with the food content, including food that is colorful. Think out of the box to create gift ideas with the fake bento box to impress the receiver.

If you are a restaurant owner, well you need to consult the team on what food to include as part of the lunch package. Steamed rice, shrimp, fried eggs, mushroom and other Japanese delicacy that also pack nutrition could be your bento of choice.

If your idea is out of the box, place an order with us and give us time to deliver it to you, the way you imagined it – with contents looking deliciously real.

Crafted with care and attention, our bento box will sufficiently fulfill your nutritional need to feed the creative soul.