Thrill of Formula One

Formula One race circuit has been heating up from its very beginning. Malaysian Grand Prix on March 29th has started with a great dramatic effect when Sebastian Vettel has won the Grand Prix leaving others far behind. Previous to this grand event, Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes has secured top position in Australian Grand Prix. In the beginning of the year, it seems that the year completely belongs to Lewis Hamilton. However, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg have also made his mark on the race circuit prominently as well.

Leading to the Singapore Grand Prix on 20th Sept, Lewis Hamilton hits the top position once again with the Italian Grand Prix. It can be certainly considered as a great year for Lewis Hamilton and his team Mercedes. Both the champion driver from the Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg has tasted success. Most of the races of this year have gone by. It has left few options in the cards for other drivers in the circuit. If Lewis Hamilton wins the title again in the Singapore Grand Prix that is schedule only few days from now on 20th September then superiority of the driver on the Formula One 2015 can be proved yet again without any doubt.

From the Singapore Grand Prix, the drivers will move to the Japanese Grand Prix that is scheduled to start on the 27th September. Russian Grand Prix will be held on the 11th October after offering some rest to the drivers. Quick move to the United States of America will be seen from the driver after concluding the Russian Grand Prix as they are scheduled to race on 26th October in United States Grand Prix. In the opening of the winter season, there are two Grand Prix in Southern part of United States with the Mexican Grand Prix on 2nd November and Brazilian Grand Prix on 15th November. By finishing the races in the United States, drivers are allowed to move towards east with Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 29th November.

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg have certainly made an excellent impression on the minds of viewers. However, other drivers like Felipe Massa from Williams and Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari are not too far. They will certainly want to catch up with the top runners in the game. Therefore, a high quality competition can be observed in the future races quite naturally.

From the British Grand Prix, rules have been changed on the issue of power units. Fresh power units can be utilized in the due course naturally. As a result of changing power units, penalties are not given to the drivers. However, it can be applied if some of the components of the power units are altered.

With the rule change, this has greatly affected the odds surrounding the betting markets put out by prominent online bookmakers in the industry. One in particular, BET365, has had to introduce new rules of their on how they grade the wagers moving forward with the new rule change in place.

Furthermore, after the crash of Jules Bianchi in Japan, FIA has decided to increase the safety features of the competition further. Lot of debates has been going in the circuit due to this unfortunate event. President of FIA and race director from the ruling body Charlie Whiting have said that they have learned a lesson from this event and it cannot be repeated again.